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Products and Services

River City Communications provides many Products and Services to it's clients. We are a complete communications company offering the latest technology in terms of Products and Services.
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Closed Circuit TV Systems
Long Distance Phone Service
High-Speed Internet Access
Intercom Systems
Home Automation

Closed Circuit TV Systems (CCTV)

River City Communications can configure and install a system to meet your specific needs.

A complete CCTV system includes the following:

  • 4 Panasonic color cameras
  • 4 Computar vari-focal lenses
  • 4 Panavise deluxe camera mounts
  • 1 Panasonic monitor w/ built-in multiplexer
  • 1 Toshiba high resolution
  • 24 hour real-time recorder
  • 4 100 ft coaxial cables w/ gold-tipped BNC connectors
  • 10 T-160 videocassettes
Contact Us for an estimate or to get more information on a CCTV system that will meet your needs.

Long Distance Phone Service

River City Communications offers competitive long distance phone services for home and business.

High-Speed Internet Access

River City Communications offers competitive high-speed Internet access as well. Digital Subscriber Line (i.e. DSL) is a broadband technology that enables high-speed Internet access to a home or business over a standard telephone line. It is a continuously available Internet connection which does not interfere with voice transmissions. Therefore, you can talk on the telephone and use the Internet at broadband speeds at the same time.


River City Communications installs and supports various telecommunications products and services for home and business use. We've researched and done the homework on the top products for each application so you don't have to. You can be confident that a system installed and serviced by River City Communications will operate reliably and effectively for years to come.

Intercom Systems

River City Communications offers a complete voice intercom systems that can be installed to meet your specifications.

Our systems can be used in both home and business or office environments providing communication from exterior entrances to interior rooms or offices, or providing room to room communication. They are excellent for monitoring entryways, an infant's room, work areas, etc.

River City Communications installs custom designed intercom systems. These systems include:

  • Audio only intercom systems
  • Audio/Video intercom systems
  • One door or multiple door systems
  • One or multiple interior intercom stations
  • Intercom door release features
Protect yourself and your employees from the unknown. Know who's at the door before it's opened!

Home Automation

Find out why high end luxury home owners, architects, developers, realtors and general contractors around the world are insisting on utilizing home automation systems. You have two choices - build a home with today's technology or build a home with yesterday's technology. Either way you choose, River City Communications can make the decision easier by providing you with the knowledge and a greater understanding of your available options. Recognized as a leading designer in the home automation industry, River City Communications specializes in the design and consultation of high end home automation systems. If you are in the process of building a home you should become more familiar with the automated options available. If you are in an existing home many of the features can be retrofitted in just a few days. Find out how automation and systems integration can make your life more luxurious.

Imagine being able to push one button labeled Good Night that locked all your doors, closed your windows, shut your drapes, set the temperature, closed the garage door, set the security system and checked for appliances that had been left on.

Home Automation

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